Measure 111

Title: Affordable healthcare

What does this mean to me?

If someone can’t afford to go to the doctor, should the state make sure that they can see a doctor?

Voting “yes” means the law would change. The state would have to make sure everyone can see a doctor or get other medical care. This would change the Oregon Constitution.

Voting “no” means the law would not change. The state would not have to help people see a doctor.

How much would it cost?

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People think it would cost more money than it does today. People aren’t sure how much.

People for this say:

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Everybody should be healthy. Everybody should be able to see a doctor if they need to. People who can’t afford to go to the doctor may get sicker. Waiting to get treatment may cost everybody more. People who are too sick won’t be able to work. Kids who are too sick won’t be able to go to school. Giving everybody health care will make Oregon healthier.

People against this say:

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The government shouldn’t be involved in going to the doctor. The government will ask for too much paperwork. The government will make doctors work where it wants, not where doctors want to work. Paying for health care for everybody may cost too much.