State Representative


Voters choose State Representatives every 2 years. There are 60 State Representatives from Oregon. You vote for 1 in your district.

  • Represent Oregonians from their district in State government
  • Create State laws
  • Vote on State laws and budget

All Candidates for State Representative:

*Means that candidate did not submit a statement to DRO for the Easy Voting Guide

1st District

Bret Cecil – Democrat
David Brock Smith* – Republican

2nd District

Virgle J Osborne – Republican
Edward Renfroe* – Constitution
Kevin Bell* – Democrat

3rd District

Lily Morgan* – Republican
Brady W Keister* – Democrat

4th District

Christine Goodwin* – Republican, Democrat

5th District

Pam Marsh – Democrat, Independent
Sandra A Abercrombie* – Republican

6th District

Kim Wallan* – Republican
Dan Davis* – Democrat, Independent

7th District

Alan Stout* – Republican
John Lively – Democrat, Independent

8th District

Michael F Moore* – Republican
Paul R Holvey – Democrat

9th District

Jerry Rust – Democrat
Boomer Wright* – Republican

10th District

David Gomberg* – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Celeste McEntee – Republican

11th District

Mary K Cooke – Democrat, Working Families
Jami Cate* – Republican

12th District

Charlie Conrad – Republican
Michelle Emmons – Democrat, Independent

13th District

Timothy S Sutherland – Republican
Nancy Nathanson – Democrat, Independent

14th District

Julie Fahey – Democrat, Working Families
Stan Stubblefield* – Republican

15th District

Shelly Boshart Davis* – Republican
Benjamin Watts – Democrat, Independent

16th District

Dan Rayfield* – Democrat, Working Families
Keith Lembke – Republican

17th District

Ed Diehl – Republican, Democrat

18th District

Jesse S Smith – Democrat
Rick Lewis – Republican

19th District

TJ Sullivan – Republican
Tom Andersen – Democrat, Independent, Working Families

20th District

Dan Farrington – Republican
Taylor A Rickey* – Libertarian
Paul Evans – Democrat, Independent, Working Families

21st District

Michael Morrow* – Libertarian
Kevin L Mannix – Republican
Ramiro Navarro Jr – Democrat, Working Families

22nd District

Tracy M Cramer* – Republican
Anthony Medina – Democrat, Independent, Working Families

23rd District

Anna M Scharf – Republican
Kriss Wright* – Democrat

24th District

Victoria Ernst – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Lucetta A Elmer* – Republican

25th District

Ben Bowman – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Bob Niemeyer – Republican

26th District

Jason Fields – Republican
Courtney Neron – Democrat, Independent, Working Families

27th District

Sandra Nelson* – Republican
Ken Helm* – Democrat

28th District

Dacia Grayber – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Patrick Castles – Republican

29th District

Susan McLain – Democrat, Independent
Gina Munster-Moore* – Republican

30th District

Nathan Sosa* – Democrat, Working Families
Joe Everton – Republican

31st District

Anthony Sorace* – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Brian G Stout – Republican

32nd District

Cyrus B Javadi* – Republican
Logan C Laity* – Democrat, Independent, Working Families

33rd District

Stan Baumhofer* – Republican
Maxine E Dexter – Democrat, Working Families

34th District

Lisa Reynolds – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
John Woods* – Republican

35th District

Farrah Chaichi* – Democrat, Working Families
Daniel R Martin* – Republican

36th District

Hai Pham – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Greer Trice* – Republican

37th District

Aeric Estep* – Republican
Jules Walters – Democrat, Independent, Working Families

38th District

Alistair Firmin – Republican, Independent
Daniel Nguyen* – Democrat

39th District

Janelle S Bynum* – Democrat, Independent
Kori Haynes* – Republican

40th District

Adam Baker* – Republican, Libertarian
Annessa Hartman – Democrat, Independent

41st District

Mark F Gamba – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Rob Reynolds* – Republican

42nd District

Rob Nosse* – Democrat
Shira Newman* – Libertarian
Scott Trahan* – Republican

43rd District

Tawna Sanchez* – Democrat
Tim LeMaster – Republican

44th District

Rolf Schuler* – Republican
Travis Nelson* – Democrat, Working Families
Morgan Hinthorne* – Constitution

45th District

Thuy Tran* – Democrat, Independent
George Donnerberg* – Republican

46th District

Timothy R Sytsma* – Republican
Khanh Pham – Democrat, Working Families

47th District

Andrea Valderrama – Democrat
Bill Stewart* – Republican

48th District

John Masterman* – Republican
Hoa H Nguyen – Democrat, Working Families, Independent

49th District

Randy E Lauer – Republican
Zach Hudson – Democrat, Independent, Working Families

50th District

Ricki Ruiz* – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Amelia Salvador* – Republican

51st District

Walt Trandum* – Democrat, Progressive
James Hieb* – Republican

52nd District

Darcy Long – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Jeff Helfrich* – Republican

53rd District

Michael Sipe – Republican
Emerson Levy* – Democrat, Independent

54th District

Jason Kropf – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Judy Trego* – Republican

55th District

E Werner Reschke* – Republican
Brian Lepore* – Democrat, Independent

56th District

Jonathan P Chenjeri – Democrat, Working Families
Emily G McIntire* – Republican

57th District

Greg Smith* – Republican, Democrat

58th District

Jesse Bonifer* – Libertarian
Bobby Levy* – Republican, Democrat

59th District

Vikki Breese-Iverson – Republican
Lawrence Jones – Democrat, Independent

60th District

Mark Owens* – Republican, Independent, Democrat
Antonio Sunseri* – Progressive