How do I vote?

Oregon is a vote-by-mail state.


Get your ballot:

You will get your ballot in the mail 1-3 weeks before the election. If you think you are registered but did not receive a ballot by October 25, you can check online at or call 866-ORE-VOTE (866-673-8683) to find out your status. You have the right to a new ballot at any time.

BallotFill out your ballot:

  • Once you have decided how to vote, mark your choices.
  • You can leave any race blank. This is called an “undervote.” You do not have to vote on a race if you do not want to.
  • You can write in a candidate for any race.
  • If you vote for more choices than allowed, it is called an “overvote.” Your vote will not count.
  • You have the right to a new ballot if you make a mistake or lose your ballot. Call your county elections office for a new ballot.

Ballot mail

Put your ballot in the envelope:

Put your ballot in the secrecy envelope or sleeve and put that in the return envelope. Your vote will still count if you forget the secrecy envelope.


Sign the return envelope:

If you are not able to sign because of a disability, contact the county elections office about a Signature Stamp Attestation.

Ballot boxTurn in your ballot:

By 8pm on Tuesday, November 3 (Election Day). You can find a dropbox at or by calling your county elections office. If you are mailing it, make sure it will arrive on time. Postmarks do not count in Oregon.

To find out if you are registered, you can check online at or call 866-ORE-VOTE.