Measure 112

Title: Slavery and involuntary servitude

What does this mean to me?

Should we stop letting the state make a person work when they are found guilty of a crime?

Voting “yes” means that you don’t want anyone to be forced to work, even if they are found guilty in court. Voting “yes” would change the law and the Oregon Constitution. Voting “no” means that no one can be forced to work, except people found guilty in court. Voting “no” would not change the law.

How much would it cost?

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People don’t know how much this would cost. People would probably have to go to court to change how prisons treat people.

People for this say:

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Slavery is always bad. Nobody should be forced to work. Even when people are found guilty in court, they shouldn’t be forced to work. People in prison who want to work will still be able to work. Even after slavery ended in this country, racist people passed laws to force Black people to work. Lots of other states are getting rid of slavery laws.

People against this say:

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Programs that let people work in prisons and jails are good. Prisons and jails might stop offering work to prisoners. Those programs are good, and they help people get out of prison sooner.