State Senator


Voters choose State Senators every 6 years. There are 30 Senators from Oregon.

  • Represent Oregonians in State government
  • Create State laws
  • Vote on Oregon laws and budget
  • Oversee State government

All Candidates for State Senator:

*Means that candidate did not submit a statement to DRO for the Easy Voting Guide

3rd District

Jeff Golden – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Randy Sparacino – Republican

4th District

Floyd Prozanski* – Democrat, Republican
Eric Pinnell* – Libertarian

6th District

Ashley Pelton* – Democrat, Independent
Cedric R Hayden – Republican

7th District

James I Manning Jr – Democrat, Working Families
Raquel M Ivie* – Republican

8th District

Sara Gelser Blouin – Democrat, Independent, Working Families
Valerie Draper Woldeit – Republican

10th District

Raquel Moore-Green* – Republican, Libertarian
Deb Patterson – Democrat, Independent

11th District

Richard (Rich) Walsh – Democrat
Kim Thatcher – Republican, Libertarian

13th District

John D Velez* – Republican, Independent
Aaron Woods – Democrat, Working Families

15th District

Carolina Malmedal – Republican
Janeen Sollman – Democrat, Independent

16th District

Melissa Busch* – Democrat, Independent
Suzanne Weber* – Republican

17th District

John Verbeek – Republican
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward* – Democrat, Independent

18th District (2 Year Unexpired Term)

Wlnsvey E Campos – Democrat, Working Families
Rich Vial – Nonaffiliated
Kimberly Rice – Republican, Constitution

19th District

Ben Edtl* – Republican
Rob Wagner – Democrat, Independent

20th District

Mark Meek – Democrat
Bill Kennemer – Republican, Independent, Libertarian

24th District

Stan Catherman* – Republican
Kayse Jama – Democrat, Independent, Working Families

26th District

Raz Mason – Democrat, Independent
Daniel G Bonham* – Republican