Who can vote? How do I register to vote?

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Who can vote?

You can vote if you are a US Citizen, an Oregon resident, and 18 years old. You cannot vote if you are currently in prison serving time for a felony conviction.

You can vote if you are in jail or prison, but not convicted of a felony. Your vot- ing rights are restored after you get out from prison for a felony. You have the right to vote when you have a guardian or live in an institution or living facility.

How do I register to vote?

Icon: One person writes on a piece of paper while another person watches.You can register online at oregonvotes.gov, on a paper form, or in-person at your county elections office. Please contact your county elections office about in-person voter registration during COVID-19. You should update your registration if you move, change your name or mailing address, or want to select or change a political party. You can update your registration online at oregonvotes.gov, on a paper form, or at your county elections office.

If you need to find out if you are registered, you can check online at oregonvotes.gov or call 866-ORE-VOTE (866-673-8683).