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US Senator Overview:

Voters choose US Senators every 6 years. There are 2 US Senators from Oregon.

  • Represent Oregonians in US government
  • Create US laws
  • Vote on US laws and budget
  • Oversee US government

All Candidates for US Senator:

Jo Rae Perkins* – Republican

Jeff Merkley* – Democrat, Working Families, Independent

Ibrahim A Taher – Pacific Green, Progressive

Gary Dye* – Libertarian

*Means that candidate did not submit a statement to DRO for the Easy Voting Guide

Ibrahim A Taher

Photo: Ibrahim A TaherPacific Green, Progressive

City where I live: Eugene

Skills: Philosopher, teacher and researcher.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: guns, ammunition, and a fighter jet with the label Limit beneath1. Our country has been controlled by imperialists for decades and has been engaged in wars, covert operations, and CIA backed coups for reasons unrelated to our securities but rather to achieve global dominance and maintain the economic hegemony. I will fight to end our endless wars.

Icon: image of people in business suits with a large X in front and the label Greed beneath2. Corporate greed and control on our country has created enormous damage, devastated societies, and hijacked our democracy: 1. Corporate greed has been unleashed in our country for a long time until it corrupted our politics. I will work on banning corporate contribution to candidates’ campaigns.

Icon: the Statue of Liberty3.  Our country under the leadership of Democrats and Republicans is stepping toward authoritarianism and limited freedoms under different pretexts: 1. I will work on expanding the protection of whistleblowers and prohibit the use of the espionage act in prosecuting whistleblowers.