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Christopher A. Mann

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City where I live: Hillsboro

Skills: I am a retired 21 year Army veteran. My careers include: sales,Logistics, executive Director, and professional driver. I have a Bachelors in Psychology, and a Masters in Business Admission

3 things I will do if I win:

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1. I will get American producing our own energy again. We should not be beholden to anyone for wellbeing. The security of our nation is at risk as long as the most dangerous countries in the world are in power of supplying energy.

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2. Our farmers are under attack. The government is making it harder and harder for farmers to be profitable and supply us with the foods we need. I will strike down damaging legislation and insure Farmers are protected and supported through all legislation going forward.

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3. Our schools are failing in so many areas. Lowering testing and graduation requirements is not the answer. Parents voices need to be heard in regards to what the schools are teaching. Schools should not be providing medical treatments and passing out hormone blockers to kids without the parents kno

Suzanne Bonamici

Photo: Suzanne Bonamici

Democrat, Working Families

City where I live: Washington County

Skills: Suzanne worked her way through community college, university, and law school, so she knows what it’s like to struggle to make ends meet. She worked at Legal Aid and as a consumer protection attorney. Her experience volunteering in public schools inspired her first run for office; now she is a nation

3 things I will do if I win:

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1. There’s an unprecedented housing crisis in Oregon. Suzanne fought for pandemic rental assistance and is working for solutions to end homelessness, expand mental health resources, and build more affordable housing.

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2. Climate change threatens our planet. Suzanne is a leader on the Science Committee, and she helped pass a transformational investment in renewable energy. She’ll continue fighting for the comprehensive Climate Action Plan to transition to clean energy and create millions of jobs.

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3. Reproductive freedom is under attack. Suzanne will always fight for access to abortion care and contraception.