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Voters choose U.S. Representatives every 2 years. There are 5 U.S. Representatives from Oregon. You vote for 1 in your district.

  • Represent Oregonians from their district in U.S. government
  • Create U.S. laws
  • Vote on U.S. laws and budget

US Representative, 4th District
Michael Polen* – Republican
Jo Rae Perkins – Republican
Court Boice* – Republican
Daniel R Arcangel – Democrat
Peter A DeFazio – Democrat
Stefan G Strek – Republican
Arthur B Robinson* – Republican

*Means that candidate chose not to submit a voting guide statement.

Jo Rae Perkins – Republican

Photo: Jo Rae Perkins smiles and looks at the cameraCity where I live: Albany
Skills: I have worked in retirement planning, banking, real estate, offices in support and management, and am a small business owner. Bachelors’ degree in political science, Associates degree in business management.

3 things I will do if I win:
Photo: A military plane, cannon and guns, with the word "Support" below them. 1. I will win – and help President Trump continue to strengthen our military to protect the United States of America.
Icon: The US Capitol Building with a dollar sign on it and the label "Limit." 2. I will win and will work to add a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution.


Icon: A person wearing a skirt and the label "Pro Life." 3. I will win and will work to end late term abortions and will work for the heartbeat bill.

Daniel R Arcangel – Democrat

City where I live: Monmouth
Skills: I work at Costco in Albany, OR. I went to school in Hawaii to become a teacher. I also went to school in Oregon to be a Speech Therapist for children with disabilities.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: An image of the earth, with waves radiating from it. 1. Stop Climate Change: I will do my best to save the trees, the ocean and the animals of our planet. I will help clean the air and our water.


Icon: People sitting at a long meeting table, with an X over them, and the label "Greed." 2. Progressive Tax System: I want to stop greedy people from taking money away from poor people, working people and people with disabilities.


Icon: A doctor wearing a head mirror and with a medical cross on their chest holds a sheet of paper with a medical cross and writing. 3.Medicare for All: I want all people to have a doctor and get help when they are sick or have a disability.

Peter A DeFazio – Democrat

Photo: A man, Peter DeFazio, smiles and looks at the camera.City where I live: Springfield
Skills: Occupation: U.S. Representative. Occupational Background: U.S. Air Force Reserve. Educational Background: Tufts University, University of Oregon M.A. Prior Governmental Experience: Chair, Lane County Commission

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A doctor wearing a head mirror and with a medical cross on their chest holds a sheet of paper with a medical cross and writing. 1. Lower healthcare costs by expanding coverage, protecting consumers, creating a public option outside of the for-profit insurance industry, and strengthen Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.
Icon: A person uses a shovel while another person sits working at a computer. The label reads "Jobs." 2. Create good-paying jobs and restore economic opportunities for all Oregonians.


Icon: A diploma, a graduation cap and a book, with the label "College."3.Work to expand access to education by increasing college affordability, lowering student loan interest rates, and job training programs. I’ve voted against every pay raise and instead used the money to fund scholarships at Oregon community colleges.

Stefan G Strek – Republican

Photo: Stefan G Strek smiles and looks at the cameraCity where I live: Eugene 
Skills: Stefan Strek has significant bluecollar work experience including farms and kitchens, private contracting and currently financial aid work. Education includes LCC, University of Caen studying French and University of Oregon Fine Arts for Painting.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A picture of a hand gun 1. Strek’s top priority is defending Second Amendment Rights for law-abiding citizens. Gun Rights are necessary for Elderly, Women and Disabled citizens to defend themselves and their families. Our Rights are non-negotiable and must be preserved.
Icon: A picture of a Cross 2. Strek supports Catholic Values. This includes caring for people from all levels of society, including Unborn Children. Youth and Senior Foster Homes need higher standards for their members. We must promote Safe, Caring Homes for Children and Seniors.
Icon: A ribbon with stars and stripes and the word "Veteran" on it. 3. Strek supports our Veterans and knows Veterans deserve Options for non-VA doctors so their Surgical Needs can be met. We must provide faster access to Housing and Therapy so that Veterans can be comfortable. Military Families deserve better support.