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US Representative:
Voters choose U.S. Representatives every 2 years. There are 5 U.S. Representatives from Oregon. You vote for 1 in your district.

  • Represent Oregonians from their district in U.S. government
  • Create U.S. laws
  • Vote on U.S. laws and budget

US Representative, 2nd District
Randy Pollock – Republican
Eric Burnette* – Democrat
Michael Byrne – Democrat
Greg Walden* – Republican
Tim S White – Democrat
Mark R Roberts* – Independent
Paul J Romero Jr – Republican
Raz Mason* – Democrat
Jamie McLeod-Skinner – Democrat
James (Jim) Crary – Democrat
Dr. Jennifer (Jenni) Neahring – Democrat

*Means that candidate chose not to submit a voting guide statement.

Michael Byrne – Democrat

Photo: Michael Byrne smiles and looks at the cameraCity where I live: Parkdale
Skills: Lot’s of experience as a working class family man looking out for those in need and in making our communities safe and welcoming for everyone.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A pencil, an apple, and a chalkboard with "ABC" written on it, and the label "K - 12." 1. Education must be a priority. Each student matters and deserves every chance to be successful. Individual Educational Plans must be available and implemented fully.
Icon: The sun, a lightning bolt, and a wind turbine in a grassy field 2. Good Jobs in Renewable Energy are Essential. Both to combat climate change and create good paying jobs.


Icon: A picture of the USA, with a physician symbol on it. 3.Health Care is a Right and Medicaid and Medicare must be protected and expanded to include all Americans.

Tim S White – Democrat

City where I live: Bend
Skills: Degree in Economics and MBA, both from Indiana University. 30+ years in automotive manufacturing creating high paying jobs for both union and white collar positions. Outstanding problem solver. Published author on reinventing troubled organizations

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A person uses a shovel while another person sits working at a computer. The label reads "Jobs." 1. Economic opportunity. 14 of our 20 counties have less employment today than in 2007. Many jobs that have returned since the 2007 recession are lower paying service jobs. I want to bring back higher paying manufacturing jobs.
Icon: A picture of a Social Security card. 2. Our district has 170,000 retirees. I will fight to protect the Social Security and Medicare benefits they paid for and earned from the GOP threats to reduce them in order to pay for their horrendous corporate tax cut. They are not entitlements.
Icon: A tree and grass in the foreground, two mountains in the background, the sun shining 3. I will insist ranchers and farmers have a seat at the table for discussion on public land use. We may not agree on everything but they deserve a voice in the discussion. These decisions will not be simply mandated by Washington politicians.

Paul J Romero Jr – Republican

Photo: Paul J Romero smiles and looks at the cameraCity where I live: Prineville
Skills: 11 years Federal Honorable Service in the US Navy & HRSCSE Dept of the Navy. Bachelor of Science in Workforce Education & Development, Work towards double major in Mechanical Engineering & Mathematics, Work towards AA in Instrumentation Tech.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A picture of a Social Security card. 1. Social Security/Medicare: Lock Box, fully fund IOU’s with Surplus Bloc, back pay Cost of Living Adjustments 5-10 years, and Exempt from income taxes.
Icon: A logging truck with logs in it 2. Jobs and Economic Development: end/adjust Endangered Species Act to recover timber industry, proper land management. Secure necessary power for industry as allotted. Push for trades via school to work and adult to work programs.
Photo: A person in a striped jail uniform stands next to jail bars. 3. Lower taxes and Affordable Housing. Exposing those responsible for the failures in Oregon and inspiring the voters to step up and be counted. That’s what it will take but on the Federal level I will do all I can to facilitate these changes.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner – Democrat

Photo: Jamie McLeod Skinner smiles and looks at the cameraCity where I live: Terrebonne
Skills: Natural resources/water professional. Regional Environmental Planner, City Council Member, City Manager, Reconstruction Program Manager, Law Clerk. Degrees in Civil Engineering, Planning, and Law. UO graduate. Worked in Jackson and Klamath Counties.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A person uses a shovel while another person sits working at a computer. The label reads "Jobs." 1. Build Stronger Communities: We need housing people can afford. We need more jobs. Our jobs should pay enough to live on. We need to support programs that help people.
Icon: A diploma, a graduation cap and a book, with the label "College." 2. Education for Public Service: Everyone should be able to go to college or trade school. But some people can’t afford to. I want a program that pays tuition in exchange for public service.
Icon: A small person or child, a person wearing pants, and a person using a cane, with a medical cross above them. 3. Healthcare for Everyone: I want to make our healthcare system better. People need healthcare they can afford. We need more doctors where people live.

James (Jim) Crary – Democrat

Photo: James (Jim) Crary smiles and looks at camera City where I live: Ashland
Skills: Municipality of Anchorage’s Law Department – where I served as a prosecutor, did insurance defense, and did contracts and procurement. 17 years writing & negotiating contracts for BP.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: The United States, with a dollar bill sign and a stock line going up and down behind it 1. Get big money out of politics by having public financing of elections (so people elected represent their constituents not their big dollar, special interest, corporate donors)
Icon: A physician's staff with the label "Medicare." 2. Medicare for all is the answer to our healthcare problems. It will save money and more importantly it will save lives.


Icon: An image of the earth, with waves radiating from it. 3. Address climate change with either a carbon tax or a cap and trade bill. We no longer have the luxury of not addressing climate change; we need to get off of fossil fuels now!

Dr. Jennifer (Jenni) Neahring – Democrat

Photo: Jenni Neahring  smiles and looks at the cameraCity where I live: Bend
Skills: Palliative Care Doctor, improving quality of life for people with chronic illnesses; Internist; Kidney Specialist. BS and MD, Northwestern University

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A doctor wearing a head mirror and with a medical cross on their chest holds a sheet of paper with a medical cross and writing. 1. Dr. Jenni will help fix our broken healthcare system. She will simplify health insurance through affordable health coverage for all, attack the causes of illness and disease with preventive care, and drive down the cost of prescription drugs.
Icon: A pencil, an apple, and a chalkboard with "ABC" written on it, and the label "K - 12." 2. Dr. Jenni is committed to high -quality education that prepares our kids for success. She will ensure all students graduate with the skills to succeed and support teachers with smaller class sizes, continuing education, and the resources they need.
Icon: A person uses a shovel while another person sits working at a computer. The label reads "Jobs." 3.Dr. Jenni will fight for hard working Oregonians and the fair wages that will support our families. She will improve access to job skills training in rural Oregon, create jobs with clean energy investments, and guarantee high-speed internet for all.