Mark F Gamba

State Representative, 41st District

Photo: Mark F Gamba

Democrat, Independent, Working Families

City where I live: Milwaukie

Skills: I was elected to the Milwaukie City Council ten years ago. I was elected as Mayor of Milwaukie seven years ago. Before that, I was a photographer and took pictures for National Geographic and others.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: A tsunami wave and a lightening bolt

1. Climate change is my top priority. Wildfires, melting glaciers, and rising oceans are already happening. I want the state to do more to prepare and adapt so we can save lives. We need more clean energy, less pollution, and better technology.

Illustrated outline of a house with a collar sign and arrow pointing downward

2. I will push for more affordable housing. We need more construction workers to build faster. We need new laws to make it easier to build. And we need better data so we can focus state money where it is needed most. No one should have to be unhoused.

Icon: the state of Oregon, with a plus sign in the center

3. Health care is too expensive and insurance companies are taking money from the people who really need it. The state government can fix this by creating a new system that gives everyone health care and is controlled by we the people, not corporations.