Lawrence Jones

State Representative, 59th District

Photo: Lawrence Jones

Democrat, Independent

City where I live: Prineville 

Skills: Public School Teacher; Retired government employee

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: image of a chalkboard saying ABC, an apple and a pencil, with the label K-12

1. Support adequate funding for public education; Budgetary suppport for teacher pay; Expansion and support for additional special education programs 

Icon: Male in wheelchair, woman using a cane, medical cross in background

2. Support adequate funding for public education programs for disabled and special needs community; support funds for furthering disability access in Oregon; Support for training programs and job opportunities for the disabled community

Icon: A tree and grass in the foreground, two mountains in the background, the sun shining

3. Protecting the environment; Supporting clean energy transitioning; Supporting/funding for job training programs to meet new fields in environmental programs and technologies