Annessa Hartman

State Representative, 40th District

Photo: Annessa Hartman

Democrat, Independent

City where I live: Gladstone

Skills: Annessa currently works in community development and is a Gladstone City Councilor.  She has an occupational background in hospitality and studied Hospitality Management at Le Cordon Bleu. 

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: A woman, Caption: Pro Choice

1. Annessa will always defend Oregon’s strong protections for reproductive rights, guaranteeing Oregonians can still have access to safe and legal abortion.

Icon: illustration of a hanger and vest, a house and a plate with fork and knife.

2. Annessa will Prioritize housing affordability while centering mental health and addiction to address the homelessness and housing crisis. Prepare our youth for success with strong public education, affordable community college, trade schools, and apprenticeships. Grow our economy and get

Icon: A bridge, a utility pole, a water spigot with a drop coming out of it, and a road.

3.Annessa is the voice our growing region deserves to: Fund urgent repairs to our electrical grid and infrastructure to be fully prepared for the next ice storm, heat dome, and wildfires. She will stand against I-205 tolling and make sure Oregon City and Gladstone voices are heard.