Alistair Firmin

State Representative, 38th District

Photo: Alistair Firmin

Republican, Independent

City where I live: Lake Oswego 

Skills: My occupational experience includes performance improvement, leadership, and technology; my educational experience includes a Masters of Business Administration from William & Mary’s Mason School of Business as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from the University at Albany.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: 3 people with Protect written underneath: a person in handcuffs, a policeperson with a hand extended against them, and another person on the other side of the police

1. I am a Centrist and will Prioritize Community Safety.  I will fund the police because defunding over the past few years resulted in rising crime rates. I will reallocate funding to increase law enforcement, training and retention. I will demand accountability in our criminal justice systems. “Pol

Illustrated outline of a house with a collar sign and arrow pointing downward

2. I am a Centrist and will seek to end the Homeless Catastrophe.  I will work to move the unsheltered off the streets into rehabilitation facilities.  I will work to address mental health and substance abuse issues.  I will seek to re-allocate monies to replace throwing money at problems without objecti

Icon: image of a chalkboard saying ABC, an apple and a pencil, with the label K-12

3. I am a Centrist and will Improve Public Schools. I will raise expectations and standards. There is no partisan way to learn reading, writing or counting. Oregon students must be competitive in the job market of their choice. “We’re businesspeople voting for Alistair because he’ll shake up Salem. G