Patrick Castles

State Representative, 28th District

Photo: Patrick Castles


City where I live: Portland 

Skills:  Previous employment was in title insurance and mortgage servicing with IBM. Currently, I am an author.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: A picture of a man and woman holding hands.

1. I am running to serve all Oregonians. I want to make Oregon work so that our people do not suffer from poor service from bureaucracy. When judges have to force government people to give equal pay to workers, we have a problem.

Icon: the word TAX being cut with a pair of scissors, and the label Cuts beneath

2. Taxes makes poverty. People are hurt when the government takes money away from them. They can’t get food, medicine, and a house to live in. Then they have only tents to live in on the sidewalk.

Photo: A person in a striped jail uniform stands next to jail bars.

3. Bad people hurt good people. People who hurt other people must be put away until they are old or until they change. The police will help us keep peace.