Lisa Reynolds

State Representative, 34th District

Photo: Lisa Reynolds

Democrat, Independent, Working Families

City where I live: Unincorporated Washington County 

Skills: I am a physician. I’ve been practicing pediatrics in a group practice for over 20 years in Washington County. 

3 things I will do if I win:

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1. I want to end poverty and to make sure all Oregonians can meet their basic needs: housing, food, healthcare, transportation, childcare, clothing. I will work to provide living wages to Oregonians, make the earned income tax credit more available for families, and increase access to programs whic

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2. We need to make sure all Oregonians have access to health care by extending insurance coverage to all. We should include important services that help keep Oregonians safe and healthy, including air conditioning units. We need improved peri-natal care, through group prenatal classes and a strong

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3. We need to address climate change. This includes bold action on transportation (fewer cars, more mass transit and bike lanes), pollution and wildfire prevention.