Kevin L Mannix

State Representative, 21st District

Photo: Kevin L Mannix


City where I live: Salem 

Skills: Kevin Mannix is an attorney, who has owned a private law practice since 1986. Kevin also served as Oregon Assistant Attorney General, Oregon Administrative Law Judge, and Oregon State Representative and State Senator from 1989-2001.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: 3 people with Protect written underneath: a person in handcuffs, a policeperson with a hand extended against them, and another person on the other side of the police

1. As a leading advocate for public safety, Kevin authored Measure 11, which created mandatory sentences for violent criminals, and established the victims’ rights amendments to Oregon’s constitution. If returned to the Oregon House, Kevin’s priorities will include restoring justice and advoc

Icon: the word TAX being cut with a pair of scissors, and the label Cuts beneath

2. Kevin has been working to make life more affordable for working families his entire career and defeated the largest tax increase in Oregon’s history. If returned to the Oregon House, Kevin will fight to make Oregon more affordable for working families.

Icon: illustration of a hanger and vest, a house and a plate with fork and knife.

3. Kevin passed more successful legislation and citizen initiatives than any other person in Oregon history (135 bills). If returned to the Oregon House, Kevin’s priorities will include pushing through comprehensive legislation to remedy homelessness, and expanding options for parents of scho