Jason Fields

State Representative, 26th District

Photo: Jason Fields


City where I live: Newberg 

Skills: I am a small business owner. My business is manufacturing. I have a background in retail sales and management. I attended Rex Putnam High School in Oregon.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: an arrow points down to a line, with the word TAX underneath

1. I will STOP new tolls on I5 and I205 that will cost each driver over $200 per month. I will vote to keep the Kicker Tax Credit so you keep more of your money. I will vote to repeal the CAT taxes because they are hurting our small businesses. 

Icon: 3 people with Protect written underneath: a person in handcuffs, a policeperson with a hand extended against them, and another person on the other side of the police

2. I will vote to fully fund law enforcement agencies, keep drugs and homelessness out of neighborhoods, and strengthen mental health services. 

Icon: illustration of 2 people: a person in a wheelchair, and a person wearing a dress and holding a cane

3. I will vote for a senior property tax freeze for anyone 65 and older. I will vote to reduce prescription drug costs. I will vote to fund Oregon Project Independence.