Hai Pham

State Representative, 36th District

Photo: Hai Pham

Democrat, Independent, Working Families

City where I live: Hillsboro

Skills: I earned a Doctor of Dental Medicine from Oregon Health & Science University. I founded my own business, Hi 5 Dental, where I provide care for children.

3 things I will do if I win:

Image: medical symbol in the state of Oregon

1. Affordable health care should be a right for everyone. I will bring my 15 years of experience to improve Oregon’s health care system for all.

Illustrated outline of a house with a collar sign and arrow pointing downward

2. I was born in a grass hut in Malaysia. I know how important a safe home is. I will focus on reducing homelessness and rising costs of living.

Icon: one person wielding a pick-axe with another people seated at a desk with a computer. Label: Jobs

3. As a small business owner, I know what businesses need to do well, and will help them grow and create more good paying jobs.