Bob Niemeyer

State Representative, 25th District

Photo: Bob Niemeyer


City where I live: Tigard 

Skills: BS Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State U. Self employed Engineer, Profession Engineer License

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: 2 dollar signs balancing on a see-saw, with the label Budget beneath

1. Protect the People from the Government. We need the government to do its job of protecting the People by enforcing the laws, fund the police, and enforce the Constitution on Government.

Icon: Oregon, with a dollar sign, over a backdrop of a chart going up and down

2. Our schools have been destroyed. Vouchers are the only way for Parents of Oregon’s Children to get an education for their future to be worth anything at all.  

Icon: the word TAX being cut with a pair of scissors, and the label Cuts beneath

3. Reduce the size of government. Stop all of the unusual tax schemes such as carbon tax and toll roads.