Virgle J Osborne

State Representative, 2nd District

Photo: Virgle J Osborne


City where I live: Roseburg

Skills: Business owner and a Sales Manager for a major decor manufacturer.  Umpqua Community College, Search and Rescue Oregon State certified, Douglas County planning dept. Chair, OPRD Grant subcommitee chair for OHV

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: A logging truck with logs in it

1. Defend timber and small business.  I will work tirelessly to defend and make sure our timber lands are mangaged well and prevent wildfires by properly harvesting and thinning

Icon: "No Cut Days" displays above the image of an apple, "ABC" on a chalkboard and pencil.

2. Government overreach has done damage to our schools and businesses.  I will work to bring back local control in our districts and get the state out of our business. 

Icon: A picture of a hand gun

3. I stongly support the second amendment.  Lets enforce the laws we have inplace not add new ones.