Pam Marsh

State Representative, 5th District

Photo: Pam Marsh

Democrat, Independent

City where I live: Ashland

Skills: Occupation: Oregon State Representative, House District 5 (2017-current) Occupational Background: Executive Director, Ashland Emergency Food Bank (2012-2016); Co- owner, Green Springs Inn and Cabins (1994-present); Administrator, OnTrack (2005-2012); Coordinator, Santa Clara Count 

3 things I will do if I win:

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1. As the climate continues to warm, I will be seeking policy solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, invest in energy efficlency and water conservation, build community resillence and protect Oregon’s wildlife.

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2. am pursuing efforts to accelerate housing development, Including Innovative production strategies and funding options to minimize the Impact of fees and infrastructure costs on renters and homeowners.

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3. 2020, I have been Intensely focused on our region’s recovery from the devastation wreaked by the Almeda fire. While we are now seeing signs of rebound, I continue to do everything I can to ensure that every displaced individual and family can return to the community and thrive.