Keith Lembke

State Representative, 16th District

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City where I live: Corvallis 

Skills: Retired Military, Aviation Project Manager, Masters of Public Administration 

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: the Statue of Liberty

1. Install Honor back into politics – Do the right thing for the right reason and provide the real reason why – not made up narratives crafted to fool the masses. Use balance to find solution, not extreme solutions from any single philosophy.  Use wisdom  – Understand and defining problems BEFORE applyin

Icon: nuclear power plant

2. We are an industrial nation and need energy if we are going to go electric.  The extreme methods to force you to change your values to what global alarmists want are destroying our society. We need nuclear energy, a more robust power system, and more balance in energy policy to sustain our society while

Icon: the sun shines above forested land

3. Oregon citizens need to prosper from what God, or nature, or Karma has provided them; in return they need to be allowed to manage the resources. Our natural resources should not go to waste while foreign governments sell us theirs. For instance, the forests shouldn’t burn or go unattended because th