Richard (Rich) Walsh

State Senator, 11th District

Photo: Richard (Rich) Walsh


City where I live: Keizer

Skills: Attorney for Injured Oregonians against Insurance companies for 30 years. 

3 things I will do if I win:

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1. Homelessness and Housing Crisis. Richard’s first priority is to address the homelessness crisis.  He works with a nonprofit that provides micro-shelters and services to the unsheltered and will work to address core causes of homelessness including lack of mental health care and unaffordable ho

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2. Standing with Seniors. Richard knows that seniors deserve greater priority in all government planning. This includes everything from making facilities like parks and paths more accessible and usable to seniors to enacting laws allowing seniors to age with dignity in their own homes . He will als

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3. Affordable Healthcare: In his work as a lawyer fighting insurance companies for 30 years, Richard has seen firsthand how sudden injury or illness can cause severe hardship and leave a family in debt, even when they have insurance.  He wants to join the Senate to take it to the next level against Big Ins