Rich Vial

State Senator, 18th District

Photo: Rich Vial


City where I live: Hillsboro

Skills: Small business owner, farmer, attorney

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: the US flag

1. Q7. Strengthen the Union. My primary goal is to create more unity between our elected leaders. 1. Make sure all Oregonians have a voice in their Capitol and are represented effectively 2. Work to reduce the power one political party hold over another 3. Make sure people are the top priority, and not ou

Icon: the Statue of Liberty

2. Insist on Liberty and Justice for All.    1.  Helping our Homeless. Learning more information about those who do not have homes, how we can help, how we can work together to make sure our neighbors have a place to live.  2. Public Safety. Making sure we are protecting personal rights, supporting safe and pe

Icon: A bridge, a utility pole, a water spigot with a drop coming out of it, and a road.

3. Build a system that allows all people to have equal opportunity.    1.  Use facts and data to meet demands and access needs on improving roads, bridges, communication systems and necessary utilities for all.   2.  Discuss how those who benefit most from infrastructure are required to pay for those servic