Raz Mason

State Senator, 26th District

Photo: Raz Mason

Democrat, Independent

City where I live: The Dalles

Skills: Security guard. Writer. Teacher. Help people understand and fix climate change. Used to work in a shelter to help women and children abused at home. 

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: A woman, Caption: Pro Choice

1. Keep abortion legal. Help women access birth control to choose when and if to start a family. Have more childcare centers.

Icon: Oregon, with a dollar sign, over a backdrop of a chart going up and down

2. Make sure huge companies help Oregon State and cities where they are. Protect workers from being hurt on the job. Let workers get together to ask for what they want. 

Icon: a house, a dollar sign thermometer running low, and the label Low Cost beneath

3. More apartments with low rents. Help people who lost their homes because of wildfires. Give homeless people safe places to stay.