Kim Thatcher

State Senator, 11th District

Photo: Kim Thatcher

Republican, Libertarian

City where I live: Keizer

Skills: Construction Projects Management, State Senator (2015 to present) Oregon House of Representatives (2005 – 2014) Oregon City High School, Portland State University 

3 things I will do if I win:

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1. Our children’s education and their future is my top priority. That is why I have established a parental bill of rights for education. Study after study show that parental or caregiver involvement in a child’s education is a major factor in their success. I have already drafted legislation for next s  

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2. Recent reports examining the affordability of each state has Oregon ranked as one of the most expensive states to live and raise a family. Housing costs have increased significantly over the last few years also contributing to rent increases. There are so many regulations and red tape building new

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3. Crime and homelessness are overwhelming our communities and it requires multiple approaches to getting them under control.  In the last few years, Oregon’s governor has granted early release for thousands of seriously violent criminals. This includes criminals convicted of murder, rape, assa