Bill Kennemer

State Senator, 20th District

Photo: Bill Kennemer

Republican, Independent, Libertarian

City where I live: Oregon City

Skills: PhD Clinical Psychogist (retired); State Senator; State Rep; Clackamas County Commissioner 

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: 3 people with Protect written underneath: a person in handcuffs, a policeperson with a hand extended against them, and another person on the other side of the police

1. * Stronger sentences for violent criminals 
* Support DAs to prosecute property and theft crimes 
* Fully fund Police and Student Resource Officers

Icon: a child in a dress, a tall man and a shorter person with a cane and a plus symbol

2. * Bring down prescription drug costs 
* Protect Medicaid Funding 
* Increase mental health/addiction access

Icon: Illustration of a hanger above a vest, a house and a plate with fork and knife.

3. * Roll back business taxes, making gas, groceries and housing affordable 
* Protect kicker tax rebates to citizens 
* Bring down high rent costs