Tina Kotek

Photo: Tina Kotek

Democrat, Working Families

City where I live: Portland

Skills: I worked for nonprofit groups to help children and families have enough food, housing, and health insurance. I then served in the state legislature from 2007 to 2022. I was Speaker of the House for nine years.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: a house, a dollar sign thermometer running low, and the label Low Cost beneath

1. I will work to help people who live on the streets get help and a home. I will make sure we build more housing that everyone can afford.

Icon: a medical figure holding a chart with a plus sign on it

2. I will make sure people can get the health care they need. This includes help for mental illness and addiction. I am pro-choice. The Oregon Nurses Association and Planned Parenthood support my campaign for Governor.

Icon: image of an assault rifle and a handgun next to papers labeled "License" and "Register"

3. I will help keep people safe from getting hurt or killed by guns. A group called “Everytown for Gun Safety” trusts me to keep us safe from gun violence.