Levi Leatherberry

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Independent, Libertarian

City where I live: Eugene

Skills: Farmer/International Development

3 things I will do if I win:

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1. I will fight corruption – I will take no bribes or ‘donations’ only my salary so that I can work only for the people of my district and nothing else. This is the key to victories on affordable housing and medicine, the prices in the grocery store to the pump. Big business benefits from each of these indust

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2. I will fight to lower inflation by working against both corporate and government inflation, as both are bad for the people. The right likes to talk about the government spending too much and printing too much money, but then every year pass larger budgets which benefit the elite and not the working cl

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3. I will work with anyone to get results. I don’t have an ideology, I don’t have a party or a political tribe – I believe in being pragmatic and solving each problem as an individual. This allows me to work with anyone across the aisle, unlike other candidates who can only do what their party leaders tell th