Jo Rae Perkins

Photo: Jo Rae Perkins

Republican, Constitution

City where I live: Albany

Skills: Work Exp. Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, Banker, Realtor, Office Mgmt. Education: Oregon State Univ., BS Political Science; Univ. of Portland, Executive Certificate, Financial Planning; Linn Benton Comm, College, Associates Business Management.

3 things I will do if I win:

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1. Out of control inflation affects everyone. The Federal Government and the Federal Reserve Board, are responsible for the out of control inflation. Time to reign in the spending and end the Federal Reserve Board

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2. Crime also affects everyone. We must properly fund local law enforcement. This is not a federal government issue, it is a local issue. I will work on controlling the unlawful actions of federal agencies, such as the CIA and FBI

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3. Educators are to teach our children, math, reading, hard sciences, not indoctrinate them. The guidance comes from the National Education Association and the US Dept of Education. I will put forth a bill to end the US Dept of Education. Push this back to the local level.