Dan Pulju

Photo: Dan Pulju

Pacific Green

City where I live: Eugene

Skills: Mathematics, Poll Interviewing, Sales

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: The USA with a star over Washington DC, and the label "Limit."

1. I will work to repair our corrupt Federal government. I will work to protect our medical rights. I will work to restore free speech.

Icon: US border containing a $ sign, with a chart showing highs and lows in the background

2. I will work to stop inflation by restoring supply chains. I will work to bring back small businesses. I will work to reach fair trade deals with other countries.

Icon: image of people in business suits with a large X in front and the label Greed beneath

3. I will work to end all our wars, including in Ukraine. I will work to make peace with Russia and other countries. I will work to take apart our corrupt war machine.