Chris Henry

Photo: Chris HenryProgressive

City where I live: Oregon City

Skills: Occupation: Union Truck Driver (Teamsters Local 81) Occupational Background: UAW Aircraft Mechanic (B-1 Bomber, 1980’s), Long-Haul Trucker, Concrete Mixer Driver. Educational Background: Portland State University, Clackamas Community College. Prior Governmental Experience: Shop Ste

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: person in wheelchair holding hands with person in dress holding hands with a person in pants and the label Civil Rights beneath1. [DEMOCRACY AND HUMAN RIGHTS] I support full federal funding for reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion and guaranteeing every woman’s right to choose when to have a child. Protect the Rights of the BIPOC, LGBTQ, Immigrant, Abled, and other marginalized communities. I s

Icon: Oregon, with a dollar sign, over a backdrop of a chart going up and down2. [MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX and WORKER’S RIGHTS] The U.S. Military has become an empire of over 700 bases in more than 70 countries. We should close all U.S. foreign bases and bring these troops home to work in a WPA-styled major jobs program and expanded PeaceCorps, AmeriCorps and ArborCorps to p

Icon: a dollar sign superimposed over the US Capitol Building with the label Limit beneath3. [END DARK MONEY IN POLITICS!] [NO SPECIAL INTERESTS ARE FUNDING MY CAMPAIGN!] Ron Wyden’s campaign has raised over $12.5 million, including from the PACs and corporate executives of Wall Street, drug companies, electric utilities, and other corporations. Wyden is the #1 top Senate money recipi