Measure 110

Title:  Provides statewide addiction/recovery services; marijuana taxes partially finance; reclassifies possession/penalties for specified drugs.

What does this mean to me? Helps people who have a disease that makes them need drugs get healthy again. People get in less trouble for illegal drugs and spend less time in prison.

How much would it cost? We don’t know exactly.

  • Some places would get more money, like places that help people who use drugs be healthy again.
  • Others would get less money, like schools, state police, and places that treat people who have a mental illness.
  • Fewer people would go to prison, so the state would spend less money on prisons.

Icon: Thumbs upPeople for this say: People who have drug problems need more treatment. Keeping them in prison is expensive and does not help them. Sending people to prison costs a lot and does not help them be healthy.

Icon: Thumbs downPeople against this say: Some people with drug problems only get help because courts make them get help. We should be tough on drugs so courts can make people get treatment.