Tobias Read

Photo: Tobias J ReadDemocrat, Working Families

City where I live: Portland

Skills: State Treasurer, 2017-present; State Representative, 2007-2016; Oregon Innovation Council; Oregon Business Development Commission.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: 2 people holding a briefcase with a dollar sign label, in front of an image of the United States1. Oregon’s $100 billion investment portfolio is among the best managed in the country. Treasurer Read has taken key decisions away from Wall Street, resulting in $500 million for state retirees.

Icon: image of a graduation cap, book and diploma and the label College2. Treasurer Read is helping Oregonians save for college. He has invested the first $25 in each college savings plan opened in a child’s first year.

Icon: Oregon, with a dollar sign, over a backdrop of a chart going up and down3. Treasurer Read established OregonSaves, it has already helped 70,000 Oregonians to save over $65 million towards their retirement.