Chris Henry

Photo: Chris HenryProgressive, Pacific Green, Independent

City where I live: Oregon City

Skills: I’m a Progressive because I want an economy that works for working people. I’m a Green because I want a fossil fuel-free economy that is sustainable. And, I’m an independent because I’m not beholden to corporate or monied interests.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: a dollar sign superimposed over the US Capitol Building with the label Limit beneath1. [Push for Campaign Finance Reform] I will advocate for the implementation of strict campaign finance limits and am limiting donations to my campaign to small donations of less than $500 per contribution.

Icon: Oregon, with a dollar sign, over a backdrop of a chart going up and down2. [Form an Oregon State Bank] I will work in the interests of Main Street and The 99%, NOT on Wall Street and The 1%. I will diligently work to bring Oregon’s funding back to Oregon and invest in our communities through a public bank.

Icon: an arrow points down to a line, with the word TAX underneath3. [Advocate for a Progressive Tax System] Oregon’s tax system is highly regressive. It should work for the average working person, like you and me. Rich corporations and the monied class need to pay their fair share. I will work to create a more progressive tax system.