Kurt Schrader

Photo: Kurt SchraderDemocrat

City where I live: Canby

Skills: Before being elected to Congress I was a veterinarian, small business owner, and farmer. I received degrees from Cornell University and University of Illinois.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: A person uses a shovel while another person sits working at a computer. The label reads "Jobs." 1. Covid-19 has made things difficult for many in Oregon. I supported a bill to help keep people employed, help those that lost their job, and protect our health care workers. If elected I will keep supporting those who need help during this tough time.

Icon: the state of Oregon, with a plus sign in the center2. I have worked hard to pass bills to bring down high drug costs many have been paying. Many people still do not have health care they can pay for. I will keep finding ways to bring down health care costs so everyone can see a doctor when they need to.

Icon: image of a chalkboard saying ABC, an apple and a pencil, with the label K-123. I have always put our schools first. I support Career and Technical Education programs that help kids gain new skills, learn a trade, and get good jobs. I will keep working to reduce the cost of college to help students finish without a lot of debt.