Josh Solomon

Image: no photo availableLibertarian

City where I live: Portland

Skills: B.S. Chemistry, UC Santa Cruz, 2010. M.S. Applied Economics, UC Santa Cruz, 2011.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: the sun shines above forested land1. I will produce legislation to end the wars in Syria and Afghanistan. These wars are ultimately about resource exploitation as Syria has immense oil reserves and Afghanistan has the largest untapped lithium reserve in the world, worth over $1 trillion according to the USGS.

Icon: totem pole2. Inadequate land management practices have led to widespread destruc- tion from wild fires. Native Americans have been performing controlled burns for millenia prior to colonization. Controlled burns are necessary for forest health and will prevent uncontrolled wild fire damage.

Icon: nuclear power plant3. Climate models suggest that fission energy must become a dominant energy source in order to reduce the effects of anthropogenic climate change. I will support 4th generation thorium-based fission power generation. This technology is the safest form of fission energy.