Alex Spenser

Photo: Alex SpenserDemocrat

City where I live: Klamath Falls

Skills:  Occupational  Background:  Poet; Motivational Speaker; Campaign-Strategist, Writer, Performance-Coach – Raz Mason for Oregon, Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress. Writer, Coach – www. Educational Background: Texas A&M University, Richland College

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: peace symbol (anti-nuclear circle with 3 lines)1. We need a Path to Unity. We are a divided country, and it is time that Congress comes together to do the hard work of communication to restore our government so that it can work for the good of everyone.

Icon: the United States with a medical symbol in the center2. Once thought of as idealistic – Universal Healthcare has become a practical solution. Many lost their Healthcare when they lost their jobs due to the pandemic. We need Healthcare as a matter of good government infrastructure that cares for everyone as a basic right.

Icon: image of the sun, a wind turbine, and apower/thunderbolt icon with grass beneath3. We need to care for our Infrastructure from roads, bridges and broadband to an elevated high-speed-rail system that connects Oregon and provides a relief- valve in a catastrophic earthquake. We also need to work to bring folks together to ensure we have enough clean-cold- healthy water.