Dario Hunter

Photo: Dario Hunter


City where I live: Youngstown, Ohio

Skills: Rabbi; anti-fracking and anti-war activist. Former environmental attorney, teacher, and Youngstown, OH School Board member. BA, Princeton Univ.; LLB, Univ. of Windsor; JD, Univ. of Detroit Mercy; LLM, Wayne State Univ.

3 things I will do if I win:

Icon: person in wheelchair holding hands with person in dress holding hands with a person in pants and the label Civil Rights beneath1. End murders by police, judicial inequality, educational and environmental racism.

End segregation of neighborhoods, employment and healthcare discrimination, and ableism in services.

Empower and invest in democratic, diverse local leadership.

Icon: image of people in business suits with a large X in front and the label Greed beneath2. End corporate money in politics, guarantee a living wage, Medicare for all, free college, housing, utilities, food, and universal basic income.

Invest in worker-owned, community- owned and green businesses.

End war and its profits.

Icon: image of the sun, a wind turbine, and apower/thunderbolt icon with grass beneath3. End our use of oil and gas and work with other nations as equals to end the threat of climate change.

Switch to 100% renewable energy (such as solar, wind, etc.) and

Invest in easy to access, widespread public transportation.