Mike Beilstein – Pacific Green

Photo: Mike Beilstein smiling at the camera. City where I live: Corvallis
Skills:  Retired after 30 years as a research chemist working primarily in nutrition.  Served fro 12 years on the Corvallis City Council.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A jet, tank, and military rifles above the word limit.1. Introduce legislation to reduce violence both criminal and military.  Reduce access to guns. Limit defense spending and shut down US overseas military bases.
Icon: The sun, a lightning bolt, and a wind turbine in a grassy field 2. Stop funding fossil fuel development.  Tax carbon emissions.


Icon: People sitting at a long meeting table, with an X over them, and the label "Greed."3. Tax structure, including carbon tax, that makes the wealthy pay their share.