Measure 104

Title:  Amends Constitution: Expands (beyond taxes) application of requirement that three-fifths legislative majority approve bills raising revenue
How much would it cost? Not sure.
Icon: Thumbs upPeople for this say: The state legislature can pass new taxes. Usually they need a three-fifths “supermajority” vote to raise taxes. Three-fifths (60%) must vote yes to raise taxes. But they can raise taxes in other ways with a majority (51%) vote. They can take away tax deductions and credits, or raise fees. This hurts businesses, farmers, and homeowners. Oregon has very high taxes. The state has raised taxes and fees on many things: businesses, cars, gas, health care, hunting, fishing, and camping. These taxes make it more expensive to own a home. The state may take away deductions. If this passes, they would need a three-fifths vote to raise taxes these ways.

Icon: Thumbs downPeople against this say: This changes the state constitution. The legislature will slow down. It will be harder to pass bills. It will be harder to get rid of special tax breaks, even in an emergency. These tax breaks help only a few people who are already wealthy. It will be harder to protect the Oregon Health Plan, veteran’s services, schools, the environment, and other social services.  It will be harder to respond to disasters like earthquakes and fires.