Measure 103

Title:  Amends Constitution: Prohibits taxes/fees based on transactions for “groceries” (defined) enacted or amended after September 2017
How much would it cost? Not sure.

Icon: Thumbs upPeople for this say: Groceries in Oregon have always been tax-free. If this passes, the government would never be able to tax groceries. A tax on groceries would raise the cost of food.  It would make it even harder for poor people to pay for groceries. A grocery tax would hurt people and businesses. It would also hurt low income people and people of color more. This measure would not raise or lower taxes.

Icon: Thumbs downPeople against this say: Businesses that sell food are now taxed. If this passes, it would be harder to lower and raise taxes on these businesses. Voting no keeps taxes that go to public funds. These funds can be used for social services. Large businesses would gain from this measure more than small businesses. Small businesses cannot get a tax break. Large businesses would not be taxed fairly. Many social services could lose funding, like the Oregon Health Plan.This measure does not prevent taxes on many common goods. Diapers and medicine could be taxed. The measure is written poorly. Many people cannot agree on what it will do.