Mark Callahan – Republican

Photo: Mark Callahan smiling at the camera.City where I live:  Oregon City
Skills:  Occupational Background: 18+ years of Information Technology Industry experience. Educational Background: B.S. Business Administration / MIS, Pre-Law Minor, OSU; MCP, MCSE Training Program, The Computer Institute.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A ribbon with stars and stripes and the word "Veteran" on it.1. Reform Veteran’s Healthcare allowing veterans to be go to any doctor for services. Serve those that have served us in honorable services to our country
Icon: A picture of a man and a woman with the words no entry, above a map of the united states 2. Secure the U.S. Southern Border; Defund Sanctuary Cities and States; Require eVerify.


Icon: The words "Tax Cuts," with a pair of scissors cutting through the word Tax.3. Make the individual tax cuts permanent; Work towards replacing the current tax system with a flat tax system.