Marc W Koller – Independent, Progressive, Pacific Green

Photo: Marc W Koller smiling at the camera.

City where I live:  Portland
Skills:  I have a Bachelors degree in Industrial Education from the State University of New York. I have done Graduate work in Human Resources at Boston University. I worked as a High School vocational instructor. I worked during college at the Post Office.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A doctor wearing a head mirror and with a medical cross on their chest holds a sheet of paper with a medical cross and writing.1. I will fight for medicare for all. I believe that health-care is a human right and that every person living in America should receive the same quality of care regardless of their ability to pay. Mental health care must be party of the solution
Icon: A picture of a Social Security card. 2. It is imperative that we not only protect but expand social security. The social security trust fund must not be used to pay for excessive government budget deficits. Seniors deserve to live from the threat of homelessness, and to live in dignity.
Icon: A house with the words low cost under it. 3. Skyrocketing housing costs and increasing homelessness are a symptom of the disparity between the super rich and the those living in poverty. Our government has the responsibility to provide housing funds all Americans that cannot afford a safe home.