Kate Brown – Democrat, Working Families


Photo: Kate Brown smiling at the camera.City where I live: Salem

Skills:  Proud to serve as Oregon’s Governor. Occupational background: Family and Children’s Advocate, PSU Instructor. Educational background: University of Colorado; Northwestern School of Law, Lewis and Clark College

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A doctor wearing a head mirror and with a medical cross on their chest holds a sheet of paper with a medical cross and writing.1. Protect health care for Oregonians because everyone should be able to see a doctor when they’re sick.


Icon: A pencil, an apple, and a chalkboard with "ABC" written on it, and the label "K - 12." 2. Make sure Oregonians get a good quality education because every child deserves to reach their full potential.


Icon: A tree and grass in the foreground, two mountains in the background, the sun shining3. Fight for the Oregon we love because we can’t compromise our values, including protecting our clean air and water.