Dan Souza – Libertarian

City where I live:  Lincoln City
Skills:  I am a chef and an American citizen.

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: The US Capitol Building with a dollar sign on it and the label "Limit."1. Cut/ limit government spending! We’re $21 trillion in debt, that’s insane! Ending the pointless wars and bringing the troops home would help with that immensely.
Icon: The USA with a star over Washington DC, and the label "Limit." 2. Limiting the government itself. The government, has way too much power. It’s time we, the people, take that power back. The government should not be able to tell you who to love or who you can hate. Make America free again!
Icon: A picture of the Statue of Liberty.3. Limiting government spending and limiting the government itself will lead to liberty for all. We will be great. We will be prosperous. And we will be free!