Chris Henry – Progressive

City where I live:  Gladstone
Skills: long-haul truck driver; aircraft mechanic; concrete mixed driver; student at Portland State University

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: The United States, with a dollar bill sign and a stock line going up and down behind it1. Create a State Bank–stop Wall Street ripoff of Oregon’s governments at all levels, which now pay Wall Street over $1 billion dollars/year just to manage money that already belongs to those governments.  The State Bank would invest in Oregon jobs.

Icon: Image of state of Oregon, dollar sign in the middle of the state, economic growth graph behind state of oregon, "State Economy" 2. Adopt limits on political campaign contributions; require political ads identify their largest funders–right in the ads.  The Center for Public Integrity rates Oregon’s campaign system as the absolute worst in America, except for Mississippi.

Icon: A scale with two dollar signs balanced, with the label "Budget."3. Cut Oregon income taxes on families living below or near the poverty line; increase taxes on corporations.  Oregon has the lowest taxes on corporations of any state.