Voters choose a Governor every 4 years.

  • Runs the Oregon state government
  • Approves or rejects Oregon laws
  • Creates a budget for spending Oregon tax money
  • Chooses people for some government jobs

Ed Jones* – Democrat
Dan (Mr P) Pistoresi* – Independent
Knute Buehler* – Republican
Keenan W Bohach* – Republican
Kate Brown – Democrat
Skye J Allen – Independent
Greg C Wooldridge* – Republican
Jonathan I Edwards III* – Republican
David W Stauffer – Republican
Patrick Starnes* – Independent
Jeff Smith – Republican
Jack W Tacy* – Republican

Brett Hyland – Republican
Bruce Cuff* – Republican
Sam Carpenter* – Republican
Candace Neville – Democrat

*Means that candidate chose not to submit a voting guide statement.