Tim S White – Democrat

City where I live: Bend
Skills: Degree in Economics and MBA, both from Indiana University. 30+ years in automotive manufacturing creating high paying jobs for both union and white collar positions. Outstanding problem solver. Published author on reinventing troubled organizations

3 things I will do if I win:
Icon: A person uses a shovel while another person sits working at a computer. The label reads "Jobs." 1. Economic opportunity. 14 of our 20 counties have less employment today than in 2007. Many jobs that have returned since the 2007 recession are lower paying service jobs. I want to bring back higher paying manufacturing jobs.
Icon: A picture of a Social Security card. 2. Our district has 170,000 retirees. I will fight to protect the Social Security and Medicare benefits they paid for and earned from the GOP threats to reduce them in order to pay for their horrendous corporate tax cut. They are not entitlements.
Icon: A tree and grass in the foreground, two mountains in the background, the sun shining 3. I will insist ranchers and farmers have a seat at the table for discussion on public land use. We may not agree on everything but they deserve a voice in the discussion. These decisions will not be simply mandated by Washington politicians.